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Whether you own an older home in Virginia, or you’ve recently purchased a new-construction property, your plumbing system requires routine inspection and maintenance. The underground pipes can be affected by factors out of your control, like nearby construction, tree root invasion, or shifting soil.

While modern plumbing systems are built to last 60 years or more, the pipe do require regular cleaning and repair. The USA Pipe Repair team offers a number of plumbing solutions that can extend the life of your system. Four ways we can restore your pipes to optimum efficiency include:

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer camera inspections for your Virginia pipes allow the USA Pipe Repair team to detect exactly what is causing your plumbing problem before we diagnose the situation or begin work. By using high-quality video equipment to view the inside of your pipes, our experienced technicians complete the inspection and determine the exact location of the blockage. A sewer camera inspection is safe enough to be performed each year to detect and prevent major problems from ruining your pipes.

Hydro Jetting

If the sewer camera inspection reveals buildup or blockages in your pipes, hydro jetting drain cleaning is the most effective, eco-friendly way to clean your pipes. Hydro jetting forces a powerful jet of water through the pipes at around 4000 PSI. Debris is quickly washed away by the high velocity jets and flushed from the pipes. Every inch of piping is reached by the rotating head and its multiple water streams. The process completely clears years of grease buildup and other debris, restoring your pipes to their original flow rate.

Pipe Lining

Advanced technology is used to complete the trenchless pipe lining process. This trenchless repair method is used to fix pipes with cracks, holes, or tree root infiltration. A liner is coated with epoxy resin and pushed through the affected pipe. Water or air is used to expand the liner, pushing the resin into the inner walls of the pipe. Heat is applied for the resin to dry quickly and when the liner is removed, the old pipe is restored to like-new condition with a new lining. Restore broken or corroded pipes with this method.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is used when an entire pipe or portion of your plumbing system needs to be replaced. Whether the pipe has collapsed or is too damaged to reline, this technology allows our technicians to eliminate the old pipe while simultaneously laying a new pipe in the path. Only two small access holes are needed to complete the entire job. One access hole is used as an entry point for the bursting head. The head is guided through the old pipe, shattering it along the way and pushing pieces of the pipe into the surrounding soil. While breaking apart the old pipe, the burst head is simultaneously leading the way and laying the new pipe.

Whether your pipes simply need to be cleaned or your aging system needs a pipe replacement, our methods can complete the job. The USA Pipe Repair team can help you restore your pipes and extend the life of your entire plumbing system.

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