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Cracked pipes for home and business owners can be extremely inconvenient and disruptive. USA Pipe repair always suggests that our customers receive regular service and maintenance to ensure that their plumbing system is running smoothly before a larger problem, like cracked pipes, develop. Cracked pipes are common, but may become more apparent after a large amount of time elapses. Here are some ways to tell if you have a cracked pipe in your home or commercial plumbing system:

Uneven, Splotchy Lawns

Have you noticed odd splotches of green grass in your lawn? These splotches are often the result of a cracked pipe providing extra water for certain parts of the lawn. Uneven, splotchy lawns are one sign that there could be septic fluid leaking into your property, but don’t wait until you see, or smell, septic pools in your lawn to confirm it.


Rodents can use pipe cracks as entry points to your home. If a rodent problem has come up suddenly, especially after a seasonal shift from summer to winter, call USA Pipe Repair to set up a pipe inspection to ensure that there aren’t any compromised sections of pipe in your system.


Mold is a sign that water is continuously leaking and humidifying. It can rot different parts of your home and can sustain itself long enough until it can inhabits entire sections of your property. If you notice stains on the ceiling, or earthy, odorous smells near a specific area of the home, call USA Pipe Repair to inspect your pipes immediately. Mold growing in your home for long lengths of time is not a concern to take lightly, as it can disturb living conditions for allergy-sensitive individuals and is extremely unhealthy for inhabitants.

Sewage Backup

If you notice that your drains are getting backed-up regularly, even after getting your pipes professionally cleaned, you may have a cracked or deteriorating pipe. Cracked pipes can let soil into the pipeline over time until it eventually blocks the flow of waste again. Make sure to take note of where the backups occur and call a USA Pipe Repair tech to help troubleshoot the problem areas.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, or are simply concerned that your plumbing system may have a problem, make sure to call USA Pipe Repair as soon as possible. Our experienced crew is ready for any plumbing issue your home or business property may be experiencing.

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