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Are You Damaging Your Drains Unintentionally

Keeping your drains in the best condition can benefit your entire plumbing system. One way to do so is by scheduling regular drain cleaning in Henrico, VA from USA Pipe Repair. Unfortunately, there are a few ways that homeowners unintentionally damage their drains. You should know about them so you can prevent making such mistakes:

Flushing Foreign Objects

You may need extensive drain cleaning services from a professional if you regularly flush foreign objects down your toilet. Generally, nothing but waste and toilet paper should even be put in the toilet. Many people make the mistake of flushing things they believe are flushable, including tissues, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and kitty litter, but these are best left in the garbage.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners are products that are heavily marketed as being capable of clearing out a clogged drain. Unfortunately, they contain toxic chemicals that are not only harmful to the health of all in your home, but can also do serious damage to your drains and pipes. Even your septic system can be damaged by these cleaners.

Pouring Grease and Oil

You might think it’s safe to pour grease and oil down your kitchen sink drain while they’re still hot. However, it’s dangerous to your drains and the pipes below. Grease and oil will eventually harden as it cools, and the result is a bad clog that requires the help of a plumber.

DIY Plumbing Projects

If you aren’t skilled enough to perform DIY drain snaking or hydro jetting you can cause damage to your drain. You may have the wrong plumbing snake or might simply not know what you’re doing. Leave this job to the professionals to be on the safe side.

USA Pipe Repair is a drain cleaning company that can keep your drains clean and clog-free. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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