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If you aren’t one hundred percent sure about what’s going on inside your pipes, you need to get a camera inspection. Camera inspections are the only sure way to truly know your pipes condition and what possible solutions could be viable in your situation. Here at USA Pipe Repair, we believe in having all knowledge possible, which is why we advocate for camera inspections before and after any and all repairs.

What are the benefits of camera inspections?

Truly, there are endless benefits to camera inspections and little to no negative impacts. Camera inspections allow plumbing technicians to have a clear perspective on what’s going on with your pipes. Whether it’s a clog, a leak, a joint leak, or a major sewer back-up, a camera inspection reveals it all.

Camera inspections are also great for preventative or routine maintenance. If you’re concerned about what’s going on with your pipes, a camera inspection will reveal any issues. Camera inspections leave no hesitations or questions about what’s going on. They also leave no hesitations in creating a solution. If a plumbing technician sees a major problem in your pipes, they will work with you to resolve it immediately.

Why camera inspections with USA Pipe Repair?

Camera inspections by USA Pipe Repair come with a promise to create a solution on the same day of the inspection. Almost all the time, camera inspections reveal a tree root invasion or clog. However, they can also reveal a major backup or big leak in your pipes.

Solutions by USA Pipe Repair usually take one to two days to complete, from inspection to project completion. All our repairs carry a customer satisfaction promise and we put our energy into our work by truly wanting to satisfy you and truly complete the work.

What solutions does USA Pipe Repair offer for issues revealed by the inspection?

There are three main resolutions that USA Pipe Repair offers: pipe jetting, pipe bursting, and pipe lining.

Pipe jetting is a form of drain cleaning that utilizes highly pressurized water. It completely cleans and clears your pipes of any debris. It carries long-lasting results, is great for preventative maintenance, and has a high satisfaction rate.

Pipe bursting is a process of removing an old pipe and seamlessly replace it with a new pipe. It utilizes hydraulic systems to create enough pressure to remove a pipe and replace it with a new one that carries a fifty year life expectancy. These new pipes also increase flow capacity, limit the amount of exposure to tree roots, and minimize the creation of leaks, cracks, and joint leaks.

Pipe lining is a form of epoxy resin coating that completely seals and locks your pipes. It leaves no room for leaks or cracks. The epoxy resin carries the same fifty year life expectancy as the pipe bursting method. Pipe lining is versatile and works for a variety of pipe materials, pipe diameters, and pipe problems.

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