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Best Way to Prepare your Pipes for Winter

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Having your pipes burst or rupture from freezing can be one of the most inconvenient circumstances that a property owner can experience. When pipes become lodged with frozen water, the liquid expands from the rapid pressure brought on by freezing. Once the pressure becomes to much for your pipes to withstand, they will completely fracture and leak water throughout your property.

When temperatures drop suddenly, many different pipe systems fail at the same time. Typically, these pipe systems have not been prepped or secured with low temperatures in mind. The extreme boom of pipe system failures in the winter results in an increased need of expert plumbing services and emergency repairs.

USA Pipe repair cares about their clients, especially when home systems fail in freezing temperatures. If you are in need of preparation and accident prevention methods for the upcoming winters, make sure to contact us today. With colder months starting to settle, now is the time to properly prepare your pipes for winter.

Here are a few simple methods you can implement today to keep your pipes warm and ensure your home does not suffer from expensive damage this winter:

  1. Keep Your Water Flowing
  2. You can keep your pipes warm by ensuring that water is providing a steady flow of movement at all times. This can be done by keeping your faucet tap open just enough to allow a slow, steady drip. Keep in mind that the faucets that you ought to keep running are the ones attached to exposed pipes. Even just a few small drops of water running through the pipes may help keep them from freezing over.
  3. Insulate Your Pipes
  4. Another option you have is the choice to insulate your pipe systems. Ask USA Pipe repair to help insulate your pipes with heating tape, foam rubber, fiberglass sleeves, or other materials. Even insulating pipes indirectly, by adding insulation in floors, walls, or ceilings that are nearby, can help keep them warm as well.
  5. Turn Off Your Water If You Leave For Vacation
  6. If you are going out of town for a long time, or even just a few days, you should shut your water systems completely off. Locate your main water valve, which can either be in a closet space, a basement, or in a meter box at the front of the property, and make sure that it is turned off entirely. If you are unable to locate your main water valve, call USA Pipe Repair to speak with an experienced technician to help. If you don’t shut off your water valves in the winter, and a freeze occurs while you are gone, you might come back and discover that your home has experienced severe water damage.

Be aware and prepare for the season with USA Pipe Repair. We are available by phone, or through electronic service request submissions on our site.

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