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Broken Pipe in a Wall

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USA Pipe Repair was called out to repair a cracked vent pipe in a wall that came from an upstairs bathroom to a basement. We found that after getting started that the pipe almost completely disintegrated. Once we actually got the pipe open and accessible we had approximately 7 foot of viable pipe to work with but by sheer Grace the connection for the upstairs bathroom was in perfect condition so after using our poquott to descale the remaining portion of line to get it as smooth as possible. We were able to cut the line in the attic and shoot a liner down through the connection for the bathroom to the basement and then threw a piece of PVC that we used to then start gluing on PVC fittings to re Plumb the rest of the basement into the main line after removing all of the broken sections. We then were able to do a reinstatement where we cut out the joint where the bathroom ties into that vent. And they ended up with a perfect brand new pipe where there was almost no pipe left because it had crumbled in the wall. The funniest portion of the job was when the subcontractor said that that was one of the smoothest liners they’d ever seen and I proceeded to let them know is because we had lined thin air. But the material that we use is a stand-alone material and can be used to bridge gaps where there is no pipe to host the material.

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