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Collapsed Sewer Replacement

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USA Pipe Repair was sent out to help a home owner with a sewer pipe issue where she had a separation. We were sent to line the pipe due to the fact that it went directly under her driveway. When we arrived on site we tried to inspect the lines but the were so backed up that without jetting the lines we would not be able to see the separation and decide if the pipe was able to be lined.

We decided to dig the sewer pipe up due to the fact that lining the pipe was about the same cost as digging and replacing the driveway. The drive was in disrepair and is now perfect and wider so she does not have to park in the grass. When we began digging we found that the cause of her issue was the previous contractor did not install the sewer pipe to code at all. There was no gravel base, no connections to the existing pipes, and it was an shotty product that should not be put in the ground. The contractor went as far as simply jamming the end of one pipe into cast iron with no connection or seal. It was very frustrating seeing such dismal work.

We installed the new pressure pipe with three tons of stone and compacted to 100 percent. USA Pipe Repair did not do a perfect clean up due to the fact that the morning after we left Worden paving came in and scraped up the remaining drive way and prepared the area for paving. As of 1/9/13 all work is completed and spotless. USA Pipe Repair was not the lowest bid overall but we wear the only contractor out of five that gave, ”a comforting, honest, and complete solution to the problem.”

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