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Sewer Repair

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Are you having regular back-ups and feel like you are constantly calling a plumber? Do you have a lawn, shrubs, trees, or driveway that you want to keep in place? Lateral pipe lining is your solution from USA Pipe Repair.

You no longer have to have a trench cut through your yard, sidewalk or driveway to replace sewer or water pipes. With a small access point to shoot from, we can install a pipe-liner from the building to the main sewer line.

Sewer Pipe Corrosion Virginia

Common Causes of Sewer Pipe Failure

  • Broken or collapsed pipes – drain pipes and sewer lines may become damaged or completely broken due to settling, frozen ground or shifting soil surrounding the pipe.

  • Pipe corrosion – the pipe has deteriorated or cracked, causing blockage in the lines and restricting water flow.

  • Leaking joints – the seals between pipes have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.

  • Root penetration – when tree roots or shrubs have infringed on the sewer / drain lines, preventing normal flow and eventually damaging the lines.

  • Low-grade pipes – existing pipes are constructed of below standard material that have deteriorated or corroded over time.

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