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Old Pipe Repair

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Old Pipe Repair in Richmond, VA, and Surrounding Areas

There are not many people who will walk into their homes and want to guess as to how old their pipes are. It is not a common thought process wondering about the age of their pipes and if they are about a break or keep going. The important thing about maintaining your pipe system is knowing the age and stability of your pipe system. Your pipeline system could be considered the bones of the structure in your home. The longer you go without your calcium and vitamin D the weaker your bones get and it causes painful and expensive damage to your body. The same is said for the health of your pipes. The older pipes are the more susceptible they are to corrosion, mineral or debris buildup, or materials they are made from are now weak and will eventually crack or break.

Determining in the Age of Your Pipe

At USA Pipe Repair, we want to ensure that you have all the information you need not only to maintain your future problems but to prevent any expensive current issues that may arise. There are a few common signs that correlate to older pipes. If you are experiencing more and more frequent clogs, then there is possible corrosion or mineral buildup which is something that does build up over a lengthy amount of time. Another common sign is if you are experiencing trouble unclogging your pipes, this would indicate that you have a possible large buildup.

The lifespan of a pipeline is around twenty years; over time, however, if the pipes are not maintained properly then these are some of the signs you will see. You will also see low water pressure, a higher water bill, or you are experiencing a pipe leak or multiple pipe leaks. You will also notice water discoloration if your pipes are heavily corroded; the discoloration will show a rust color or tastes like metal.

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Repairing Your Old Pipes

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, then it is time to call us at USA Pipe Repair. Any of the symptoms mentioned above is difficult to determine how large the problem is without consulting a professional plumber in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas. This is what we are here for, to provide you the answers you need to have peace of mind. We specialize in what is called Trenchless Technology. We understand how difficult plumbing problems can be especially when your day to day life is so hectic, so our trained technicians are able to diagnose the problem and its magnitude with this technology without needing to disrupt your landscaping.

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Our top priority is to provide an affordable and trustworthy service to all of our clients. We offer both indoor and underground services in multiple areas within Virginia. Contact our friendly team or fill out our online form for informative and reliable information. Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our technicians in the following locations: 

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