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Plumbers are the ones we rely on when it comes to fixing any plumbing problems. We expect them to offer honest and quality plumbing services and save us time and money by getting the job done right. Unfortunately, not all plumbers are like that.

Here are some of the most common plumbing scams you need to know to protect yourself from being taken advantage of.

Upfront Fees

If a plumber asks for an upfront fee, that’s a big red flag. Legitimate plumbing contractors will never ask you to pay them before they have done any work. They usually give you an estimate, and payment is only due once the job is complete.

Random “Plumbers” Knocking

This scam involves someone randomly knocking on your door and claiming to be a plumber. They’ll offer a “special discount” or some other incentive in exchange for letting them into your home to perform plumbing repairs. Don’t fall for it, as legitimate plumbers usually don’t advertise their services this way. Always research and ensure you hire someone who is licensed and insured.


Another common plumbing scam is when a plumber charges much more than the agreed-upon price for their services. This can be an incredibly frustrating experience, especially when needing emergency plumbing, as it can leave you feeling taken advantage of and out of pocket. Always get a written estimate from your plumber beforehand, and only agree to services once you are sure the price is fair.

Bait & Switch Estimates

This scam occurs when a plumber offers you a low estimate for a job only to increase the price once they have completed it. This is often done so they can initially win your business, but it leaves you with a much higher bill than expected. Always choose a licensed plumbing company that provides a written estimate before any work begins and ensures that all additional costs are discussed beforehand.

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