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Clogged pipes are no doubt a huge inconvenience to any home or business. Not only can they lead to further damage and costly repairs, but they can also cause unsanitary conditions. Professional drain cleaning in Chesterfield, VA can help prevent these issues by removing blockages and restoring normal flow in the pipes.

There are various methods that an expert plumber like USA Pipe Repair may employ to clear clogged drains:

Hydro Jetting

Grease and oil poured down your drains can accumulate and harden over time, decreasing the pipe’s diameter and eventually clogging the line. Hydro jetting is a form of professional drain cleaning that uses high-pressure water to scour away grime and buildup from the inside of the pipes.

This method is popular for its flexibility, as it can be used on almost any type of pipe material, from PVC to metal. It can also eliminate tough blockages like tree roots and other debris.

Snaking and Augering

Snaking and augering are techniques used by a drain cleaning company on lightly blocked drains. In terms of functionality, a drain snake and a drain auger work the same. Both feature a long, flexible metal cable inserted into the pipe.

The main difference is that a snake has a corkscrew-like spiral at its tip, designed to pull out clogs. Conversely, augers typically come with an outright cutting head used to break and push the blockages further down the line.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Plumbers may sometimes use chemical drain cleaners to address a clogged drain. However, this is mainly used as a last resort and when the blockages are light. Chemical cleaners can cause corrosion in the pipes if used too often. This is why it’s always best to let professional plumbers handle this form of drain cleaning, as they know better which types of cleaners to use and how they can be safely applied.

Our team of experienced plumbers at USA Pipe Repair provides professional drain cleaning services tailored to your needs. We use a combination of the methods discussed above, plus advanced tools and technology, to efficiently deliver top-notch results for our customers. Contact us today to learn more!

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