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Trenchless pipe lining

Buried pipes that are unstable, corroding, and leaking cost a lot of money to repair and replace. This is where trenchless pipe lining comes in. Trenchless pipe lining is a better, faster, and cheaper alternative to pipe replacement. The process uses epoxy or resin to line the interior of your pipes, creating a brand-new seamless pipe wall. USA Pipe Repair is among the top pipe lining companies offering this revolutionary service, helping you save money while conserving the environment. We discuss more below:

1. Reduces Waste

Trenchless pipe lining in Henrico, VA, utilizes recycled materials, creating zero waste. By contrast, traditional repair methods usually result in many construction materials going directly into landfills, and more fuel is needed to transport them there. The resin or epoxy used in trenchless pipe lining is also biodegradable, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

2. Less Land Damage

Traditional methods involve digging a trench that can affect your entire backyard. The loose dirt and debris from digging can also take weeks to clean up. In addition, traditional repairs can cause flooding in low-lying areas or homes located along waterways. With CIPP pipe lining as a trenchless solution, pipes are instead lined with a strong and flexible material to seal any cracks and leaks, instead of having to dig them out.

3. Prevents Leaks

A damaged sewer pipe can cause damage to the surrounding environment or create even worse problems by leaking sewage into waterways. For this reason, trenchless solutions like cast iron pipe lining are often preferred. A lined pipe will not only prevent leaks from occurring but also help prevent root intrusion, a common problem with old pipes.

To learn more about the benefits of sewer pipe lining, don’t hesitate to reach out to USA Pipe Repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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