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Flooded Laundry Room and Sewer Clog

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USA Pipe Repair was sent out to help a customer who had their laundry room flood from talking a slower upstairs. a situation like this usually happens when there is a main line clogged. The water will back up to the lowest possible port of exit. This can be a downstairs toilet, bathtub, floor drain or even a laundry room.

laundry room

After jetting the sewer main and finding and finding roots with the camera inspection we found it easier to do a simple repair. The problem unfortunately was directly under a fence and was actually caused by FiOS directionally boring their line in and nicked the pipe. This allows the trees an area to grow into. we very simply hand excavated the area. We were not able to use an excavator due to the utilities being too close to the problem. After we found the area we removed it and replace that section of pipe. After backfilling you can’t even tell that there was a problem.

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