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Historic Home, New Sewer

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Richmond city has numerous historic sites and homes. These homes and buildings present unique situations as each has a different plumbing layout, original material, varied material that has been replaced over time, etc. Most of the homes have worked very hard to maintain or replicate the historic integrity of the area and with that they don’t want to use traditional excavation to replace an essential utility like the sewer.

Recently we were working on a home like this that had worked very diligently on the landscaping and stonework in the back of the home. It was a connected townhome with a basement. The sewer exited from to the rear of the home and had a walkthrough shed leading to the alleyway.

We were able to remove only 6 bricks from the wall and burst a new sewer from the basement to the city connection preserving the stone patio and house. Once the small patch of grass grows back and the bricks were back in place the customer will never now we were there. And, by not using open trench excavation we were able to save the customer money not just on the sewer install but also on replacing the landscaping and stone.

We work in these tight spaces constantly and always work to care for your home.

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