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Corroded pipes

Chemical drain cleaners are one of the most common methods used for clearing blocked drains. They are designed to eliminate grease, hair, and other things that may be clogging your drains. However, they often do more harm than good. USA Pipe Repair, experts in drain cleaning in Chesterfield, VA, shares some of the ways that chemical cleaners damage your drains:

1. They Corrode and Cause Pipelines To Rust

While they can temporarily dislodge clogs, chemical cleaners don’t completely get rid of the clog. This means your drains will likely get blocked again after a few weeks, and you’ll have to use chemicals again. Prolonged use of chemical cleaners eat away at your pipes and cause corrosion, cracks, and leaks. Rather than settle for temporary solutions, turn to a professional for hydro jetting services instead. This is a gentle yet long-lasting solution to clogged drains.

2. Chemical Cleaners Remove Your Drains’ Protective Lining

The lining of your drains is designed to protect from bacteria and other contaminants that could damage them over time. The lining is a barrier against these contaminants, so your pipes don’t get clogged with junk. Chemicals can weaken this barrier over time and allow more harmful things into your lines. Professional drain cleaning services are a much safer alternative to cleaning your drains.

3. They Create Harmful Gasses

Aside from physically damaging your drains, chemical cleaners also release harmful gasses when used on a clogged drain. These chemicals often contain ammonia, chlorine, and other toxic substances that could be harmful to your health.

While it’s important to deal with clogged drains right away, chemical cleaners are not worth the trouble. Avoid the damage caused by harmful chemicals and contact a reputable drain cleaning company like USA Pipe Repair for drain cleaning solutions instead. Our professional team uses safe and effective methods to clear clogged drains and restore the flow of water in your pipes. Schedule an appointment today.

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