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Trees can sometimes be the reason why you find yourself in need of drain cleaning services in Richmond, VA, from USA Pipe Repair. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at how tree roots could end up damaging your pipes.

Mature Trees Have Roots That Spread

You’ll be more likely to need drain cleaning in Richmond, VA, to deal with tree root issues if you have older or fully mature trees on your property. Over time, roots in mature trees can spread 2-3 times beyond the diameter of the canopy. During times when rainwater is scarce, mature tree roots may also travel downward in search of water – which puts them even closer to pipes.

Older Pipes Are More Susceptible to Tree Root Problems

Modern plumbing and septic systems are typically made of PVC materials and other plastics. These materials usually provide tight seals that prevent tree roots from getting in. If you have older pipes made from cast iron or other materials, however, roots may get in through weak joints or cracks and leave you dealing with a clogged drain in Richmond, VA, and similar issues.

Trees Planted Too Close to Underground Pipes Can Cause Issues

You can’t always control where trees are planted on your property. But what you can do is be mindful of underground pipe locations when planting any new trees. Another step you can take is to find out if any trees on your property are too close to existing pipes. If proper spacing isn’t maintained, roots will likely find a way into your pipes at some point. USA Pipe Repair is the drain cleaning company in Richmond, VA, to call if you’re seeing signs of a pipe problem that may be related to invasive tree roots

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