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9 - Clogged Drain

Clogs rank as one of the top plumbing problems for homeowners. If you have a bad enough problem, you will want to contact a plumber in Richmond, VA from USA Pipe Repair to fix it. However, there are certain measures you can take to avoid clog issues.

Clean Pipes Once a Month

Over time, hair, grease, and other debris build up in your drains. It’s a good practice to clean out your pipes once per month to clear away the debris and eliminate potential clogs. If you get a particularly stubborn clog, you can schedule professional drain cleaning in Richmond, VA with the USA Pipe Repair team.

Block Debris from Pipes

The number one cause of clogs in the sink, shower, and tub drains is hair. As a result, it’s important to block hair and other debris from getting into your pipes in the first place. You can easily do this by using a mesh drain screen in your sink, shower, and tub. If you have a bad clog caused by hair buildup, you can get drain cleaning services in Richmond, VA and have it cleared.

Throw Grease Away

Grease can really do a number on your pipes and cause some of the worst clogs. If you have a clogged drain in Richmond, VA, chances are you dumped grease down your sink after cooking. You should avoid doing this and instead, throw grease away in the garbage. When it gets put down the drain, it cools and hardens in the pipes.

Use Toilets Wisely

Many people make the mistake of flushing the wrong things down the toilet. You should only flush toilet paper, but avoid putting too much in at once. Things like cotton balls, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, and even flushable wipes should be thrown in the garbage. Too much debris in the toilet can cause a clog and overflow and require drain snaking in Richmond, VA.

If you live in Virginia and need a drain cleaning company in Richmond, VA to fix a plumbing issue, contact USA Pipe Repair at your earliest convenience.

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