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Trenchless repair on a cracked pipe

One of your duties as a property owner is to ensure that the sewage system is always in good operating order. However, even if you stay on top of your sewer line’s maintenance, it can still encounter problems later on. At USA Pipe Repair, we provide quality trenchless pipe lining in Chesterfield, VA, as an efficient and effective solution to deal with most sewer issues. Here are some tips to help prepare your home for this service:

Remove Clogs

Cast iron pipe relining is most effective when combined with a drain cleaning service, especially if it has been a while since the drains were last cleaned. By having your pipes cleaned before sewer pipe lining, you help ensure that the lining we use for repairs adheres to the interior of your pipe properly.

Prepare to be Without Water

Because there is no excavation involved, trenchless pipe lining does not take as long as traditional repairs. That said, you might still be without running water while the repairs are being completed. Postpone any chores such as laundry or washing the car until the process is done.

Relocate Mature Trees

Tree roots could cause problems with your sewage system. Roots can enter your sewer lines through small cracks in search of water and nutrients. Over time, these roots can grow and cause a serious blockage in your system. While CIPP pipe lining can help repair any cracks or leaks caused by tree roots, relocating mature trees will help prevent the issue from recurring.

Get Rid of Obstructions

Removing obstructions such as toys, plant pots, and outdoor sculptures can help speed up the repair process.

USA Pipe Repair’s extensive list of pipe lining services makes us one of the most top plumbing companies in the area. Whether you need cast iron pipe lining or routine drain maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact our professional team. Schedule an appointment today.

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