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How to Tell if Roots Have Invaded Your Pipes

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Have your drains started backing up inexplicably?

Next time you call a technician, ask about running a sewer camera inspection because a root might be creeping into your cracked pipeline.

A tree root invasion will back up your drains continuously, despite your best efforts to keep them clear. Roots can grow into the your plumbing system and eventually obstruct water flow. The symptoms of a tree root invasion follow closely with the symptoms of a cracked pipe, but the main difference between a cracked pipe and a tree root invasion is the amount of time the pipe has been damaged. Cracked pipes that go unnoticed will naturally invite roots into the system.

You may have a tree root invasion if you notice:

Water Pooling in Your Yard

The presence of water pooling in your yard paired with sewer-like odors is an oddity that shouldn’t go ignored. If your property’s lawn or yard has an unusual smell and there are soft spots in your lawn, it is very possible that an underground pipe has been cracked for some time. Sinkholes can also occur when water is being leaked into the ground for a significant amount of time without a proper repair. The sinkholes will appear as divots in the yard, or as a noticeably encaved area. This mostly depends on how long the leak or cracked pipe has existed.

Gurgling Drains and Unusual Smells

If you notice that a few drains in your house seem to be taking more time to function than normal, you could have a tree root invasion. Slow and gurgling drains can indicate that there is a clog or partial obstruction from a tree root present in your pipelines. Tree root invasions slow the efficiency of your pipelines and eventually obstruct them. If you notice that your drains are slowing early on, it is best to run a sewer camera inspection to determine if there is a clog or a root in the line.

You may be more susceptible to tree root invasion or pipe system failure if you have an older pipe system on your property. This is especially true for systems that have corroded after years of repeated use without proper maintenance. Talk with USA Pipe Repair if you have questions or concerns about troubleshooting methods when it comes to tree root invasion. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to handle any tree root invasions or plumbing concerns that you may have.

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