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Did you know more than 75 percent of homes in Richmond, VA were built before 1979? If you’ve just purchased a home or believe it’s time to upgrade your plumbing system, one of the first pieces of information you need is the age of your Richmond pipe system. Knowing the age of your plumbing not only gives you an idea of where you are in the lifespan of the system, but a professional plumber can also judge the rate of corrosion based on the age of the pipes.

Most plumbing systems are designed to last 60 to 80 years, if not longer, but proper routine maintenance is necessary to avoid major repairs along the way. To understand the age of your pipes, you’ll need to schedule a sewer camera inspection.

What is a sewer camera inspection?

When a sewer camera inspection is performed on your Richmond pipes, the professional plumber will feed a live camera into a pre-existing access point. The camera is attached to a malleable cable that is guided through your plumbing system to give an inside look at your pipes. The footage that’s received from the live feed reveals several factors.

The professional Richmond plumber is able to determine the pipe material, plumbing age, and current condition of your system. The pipe material will give the plumber an idea of long the system should last. Most older pipes are typically made from one of these materials:

  • Brass: Lifespan of 80-100 years
  • Copper: Lifespan of 70-80 years
  • Galvanized steel: Lifespan of 80-100 years

Understanding the specifics of your plumbing system will help you determine when you may need to begin replacing your old pipes.

What does a camera inspection show?

The camera inspection will also allow the plumber to pinpoint specific issues, like small cracks, invasive tree roots or buildup that’s slowing your system’s flow rate. Once the inspection is complete, the plumber can make recommendations for repairs and routine maintenance to ensure your system lasts as long as possible. A camera inspection causes no damage to your plumbing system and should be performed each year to be sure your system is operating an its optimum level.

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