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At USA Pipe Repair, we make it priority to stay up-to-date on the latest industry technology, so we can serve our customers in the best way possible. One of the new services we offer is Manhole Rehabilitation which allows our team to use trenchless pipe lining technology to restore your municipality’s manholes.

Manholes are main access lines in sewer systems that allow for waste to flow properly through cities and even states with no disruption to their communities. They range in depth and diameter which makes every manhole rehabilitation a unique project. The number one reasons manhole experience problems or require rehabilitation is due to corrosion or erosion of the pipeline. When manhole corrode or erode, it is important to service them as soon as possible.

The Manhole Rehabilitation Process

There are many benefits to manhole rehabilitation such as increasing the lifespan the manhole, but the number one benefit of manhole rehabilitation with USA Pipe Repair is that we do not excavate to complete the job. Our team specializes in trenchless pipe lining services that allow us to repair the manhole from within. We begin by cleaning the interior of the manhole with hydro jetting services that use high-pressure water to ensure a clean surface for the liner to take to. Our team will then fill any imperfections within the manhole with a grout. Once, the manhole is properly prepped for lining. We will insert a felt liner, saturated with epoxy resin into your pipe. The liner is is left to cure-in-place, and when it is complete, there will be a brand new manhole inside of the existing one.

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Our USA Pipe Repair team takes our manhole rehabilitation work very serious. We never leave your property with extensive damage and there will be no visible evidence we were there. We service Richmond, Charlottesville, Alexandria, and Arlington. If you are interested in our manhole rehabilitation services, contact our team today to learn more or schedule an appointment with our team of professionals. Our work ethic is incomparable, leaving you with satisfied results.

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