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New Building for Chesterfield Based Packing Company But Old Sewer

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A packing company has recently moved its office to the Richmond area and in after renevating the newly accured abanded office building relised the sewer was far worse than sub par. USA Pipe Repair used hydro jetting to remove tramendus amounts of scale, some odd concrete like fibers, grease and other traditional debries. The pipes also had a few cracks, roots and a seperation. Bassicly they were done. We gained accsess to the line out side of the building and placed to lines in from hear. One though and under the building and one to the city conection. After reinsating the restrooms and cleanouts we used pullinplace liners to reapir the restroom lines while skiping over the sink conections. The end product is an almost entirly replaced sewer line with only three liner feet not replaced out of three hundred feet of pipe. The building is working flawless and the clint is so happy that now that hey have opened with one less problom they have to solve becouse they called USA Pipe Repair.

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