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No Water for Easter Sunday!

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We were referred by another plumbing company out to a Chesterfield VA church to bore a new water main because the leak was somewhere under the slab between the new and old sections of the building. We made a small access hole outside by the meter to attach a new service line and a small one by one hole in the men’s bathroom were the main shutoff was in the wall. I will admit the job took much longer than we hoped, around 9 hours, but we were moving a snails pace trying to ensure that we did not damage anything under the slab and hit our access point. We were almost successful but nicked a two inch line six inches away from our access hole. Our hole was expanded slightly to do the additional repair. We then pulled back a new one inch line with a tracer wire. We install tracer wires on all plastic lines so the can be located prior to installation or in case any other underground repair needs to be made on the property. We were able to get the concrete repaired and the congregation was able to tile that Saturday morning. Meaning all was well for Sunday service. It was a good Friday on Good Friday and the men in charge of maintenance on the building were a joy to work with.

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