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One in a Million Cured in Place Sewer Pipe Lining Job

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USA Pipe Repair was contacted by a plumbing contractor with a disturbing problem involving the Bon Air Retirement Apartments in Midlothian/Richmond Va. Sixty of the buildings apartments were having sever backups and flow issues with their sewer lines. After inspection of the sewer line it was found that in construction an electrical contractor had cut the lines and dropped a section of 8 feet down two inches to clear their conduit.

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This mistake was causing the problems with flow but there is no store made product to fix this issue. USA Pipe Repair was called to make a pipe to fit the area while maintaining the correct pitch and size of the pipe. We decided to build a custom form to make a cured in place pipe outside of the area THAT MET THE NEEDED SPECIFICATIONS. We made the pipe shorter by two inches to the height of a four inch pipe to fit under the conduit but maintained the circumference of a six inch pipe. Both ends were six inch standard pipes. the result was a piece of twelve foot pipe that flowed perfectly with flawless pitch, while fitting under the conduit and not effecting the power to the entire building.

The plumbing contractor installed the pipe and back filled the hole in the hallway. USA Pipe Repair then poured the concrete and helped clean the site. The carpet was replaced a month later due to a remodel. The result is a seamless almost joint less sewer pipe that is fitting perfectly and providing service to sixty apartments.

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