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A well-maintained plumbing system is less likely to encounter issues like clogs, leaks, and cracks. Following a regular plumbing routine will also help extend the lifespan of your system and keep it running efficiently. USA Pipe Repair, trusted plumber in Richmond, VA, shares our maintenance tips below:

Schedule Prompt Repairs

From dripping faucets to burst pipes, all plumbing issues need to be addressed promptly. This can ensure that any damage that may have been caused has been repaired. Don’t attempt to resolve these issues yourself as you may cause further damage to the system. Instead, contact a professional for plumbing repairs.

Check for Leaks Regularly

Leaks only start to show signs in their latter stages, once they have already caused problems in your system. Avoid water damage and the costly plumbing services needed for widespread leaks by inspecting your pipes and plumbing fixtures regularly.

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

Clogged drains can be caused by anything from a buildup of hair and soap scum in the shower, to congealed oil and grease in the sink. Regardless of how severe your clog is, it’s important to turn to a plumbing company for professional services. Chemical cleaners only offer a temporary solution and can even cause more problems over time, so we strongly advise against using them.

Insulate Pipes

Insulating exposed pipes and plumbing fixtures will help prevent them from freezing and bursting during the cold winter months. Proper insulation will also allow your plumbing system to work more efficiently regardless of the weather.

Clean Your Water Heater

If you have hard water at home, there is likely a buildup of sediments in your water heater. This not only lessens their efficiency but also increases the risk of them bursting over time. Avoid this plumbing emergency by cleaning and draining your heater as part of regular maintenance.

Whether you need emergency plumbing solutions or general maintenance services, look no further than USA Pipe Repair. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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