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USA Pipe Repair was called out to repair a floor drain for one of three restaurants owned bu the same group of people on the corners of Stafford and Main in Richmond Va. On arrival we were presented with a plethora of problems. There was no clean out in the up town deli, the toilet was wobbly, and concrete was accidently pored into the floor drain. At F.W. Sullivans we were asked to replace a wall sink, repair a leaky sink, clean and inspect main drains, find the source of a smell in basement and repair, fix broken pipes, correct pitch and jet ladies restroom. At lady narwlens we were asked to unstop the main drain due to a clog from prepping oysters. All of these issues have been repaired and taken care of. Every one is extremely happy and working flawlessly . It took a little bit if time due to the amount of work, but the restaurants were never shut down.

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