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Roots in Sewer Line in Midlothian VA

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USA Pipe Repair was called on Friday the 20th of October for Relining a sewer line in the Bexley subdivision on Providence road. One of our pluming contractors how we line for found that the home owner had a completely clogged line for much of the 130 feet to the city connection. The home had been vacant for some time and within a week of moving in the homeowner had sewage backing up into the bathtubs when flushing. When we arrived we examined the properties sewer lines and decided to dig a small hole in the front flower bed for access. This was because there was no sewer clean out installed on the outside of the house and jetting from under the house was not possible. After jetting the lines to the point where there were no roots in the lines we measured our exact distance for lining. We then installed a 12 foot liner into the house and a 68 foot liner out to the city connection. While these Prema-Liner liners were curing USA Pipe Repair also cut all of the remaining cast iron sewer line that was becoming soft and unusable with brand Pvc pipe. This was done because it was more cost affective to replace these pipes than line. After all the pipes were replaced and the liners were cured the home owner was left with a completely new sewer system and a fifty year warranty on the liners. The area was filled back in and a two way clean out was installed and hidden in a small access box in the flower bed. This hides the ugly white pipe protruding out of the flower bed. The customer was extremely happy that the work was completed within two days and it saved him 30 percent off his estimate for digging up his sewer line.

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