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When you find a leaking pipe, what should you do? While it’s unsafe to deal with this yourself, when waiting for your plumber in Glen Allen, VA to arrive, USA Pipe Repair recommends taking a few safety precautions when your pipes start leaking.

  • Turn Off the Water.  After calling for emergency plumbing repairs in Glen Allen VA, the next step would be to contain the damage. Find the closest shut-off valve and turn the water off. Water lines to sinks usually have valves close to the wall. Shower and tub valves may be behind an access panel. Meanwhile, the main pipe runs often have valves at critical junctures. If you can’t find a shut-off valve for a particular pipe or fixture, turn off the water source for the entire house. 
  • Put a Container Below the Leak. Even after you turn off the water valve, water may still continue coming out. Get a bucket or other container below the leak to catch the dripping water. Leaking water can cause structural damage and interfere with your home’s electrical system. Remember to dump out the water before it overflows until you receive the proper plumbing services in Glen Allen, VA.
  • Remove Anything That Could Be Damaged. Make sure to put furniture, heirlooms, rugs, and other items away from the leak. You don’t want those items to get wet or damaged. If they are already wet, be sure to dry them thoroughly so they don’t sustain permanent damage.
  • Turn Off the Electricity. If the leak is near an electrical outlet or lighting fixture, turn off the electrical circuit. A pool of water and a live electrical current can be dangerous. While waiting for the plumbing company in Glen Allen, VA, we suggest turning the lights off first to avoid any electrical hazards.

Notice a leak in your property? Contact us for emergency plumbing in Glen Allen VA immediately. The experts here at USA Pipe Repair are here to help you 24/7.

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