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When it comes to your sewer, you would be wise to consider it as the foundation of your entire plumbing system. You might not think about the pipes that run through your walls and under your floors very often, but they are nonetheless critical in terms of the function that they provide. When something goes wrong, it is often difficult to even know where the problem begins. That is why you will want to rely on a plumber in Glen Allen, VA from USA Pipe Repair. Our team is experienced in sewer line repair.

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If you have ever seen a home being constructed, then you are well aware of the number of pipes that are built into the plumbing system. Because these can create quite an eyesore, they are buried under the structure. It used to be that when you needed sewer repair in Glen Allen, VA that a plumber would have to rip up the walls or the floors in extreme cases to get to the root of the problem. With trenchless pipe repair, that is no longer the case.

To replace sewer line today, a plumber has a variety of tools at his disposal. By using video camera technology, for example, the problem can be diagnosed and a solution proposed. This usually involves fitting a new pipe directly inside the existing one. The process is really rather easy to complete and does not require tearing up the existing structure to make a repair. In fact, a sewer pipeline repair using this process will typically last for fifty years. That is the value of having a plumber in Glen Allen, VA, from USA Pipe Repair.

Our plumbers are able to perform both types of trenchless pipe repair commonly utilized today. The choice of method depends on the structure and the nature of the problem. Rest assured that your technician will go over the options with you and work to use a minimally invasive procedure that will complete your sewer line replacement in no time at all. Here are the two major methods briefly explained.

  • The Inversion Method - You will find that this type of trenchless pipe repair has an advantage in that only one access point to the damaged pipe is needed. It is with that one access point that a trained plumber can thread through as much as 200 feet of liner. This can be installed directly in the pipe in a matter of seconds. There is an epoxy that is placed in close proximity to the pipe. This is the adhesive that is needed to get the liner to stick inside the pipe.
  • The Pull-in-Place Method - Where two access points are possible, this is the most popular type of trenchless sewer pipe line repair. A liner that is saturated in epoxy is pulled into the pipe and then secured to it.

Take note, however, that there are instances when our professional plumbing company may determine that trenchless sewer repair services, may not be appropriate given the age and material of your pipes. Fortunately, USA Pipe Repair is also well-versed in traditional sewer line repair. Our excavation services are some of the most efficient in the industry today, so you can be sure that we are still that team that you can depend on for the job.

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