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Professional Directional Drilling Services in Richmond, VA

USA Pipe Repair offers directional drilling for underground pipe installation for residential, commercial, or municipal properties. The professional technicians with our professional plumbing contractors understand that traditional pipe installation takes days of digging, interrupts your home or business, and can leave you will a hefty repair bill to fix landscaping, sidewalks, or roads. To provide the highest quality trenchless pipe installation, USA Pipe Repair uses only the most advanced equipment when completing directional drilling in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas. Our trusted pipe lining company is committed to providing superior service to our clients.

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What Is Directional Drilling?

For Virginia trenchless pipe installation, directional drilling is the best way to complete the job while avoiding disruption of preexisting sewer lines and pipes. To begin the project, a skilled USA Pipe Repair technician will create a pilot hole with a horizontal boring machine drill. The advanced capabilities of the drill allow it to use predetermined locations to enter and exit the ground and even change paths along the way to avoid other lines.

Our technicians can install a new sewer or water line in a matter of hours rather than days using this advanced technology. Once the drill has established the predetermined path for the line, the trenchless pipe installation can begin. Underground installation can be performed without disrupting your lawn, parking lot, or busy streets.

Once the pilot hole is established, a reamer is pulled through the line to clear away any soil or debris lying within the path. The reamer will create a path that is roughly 25 percent larger than the desired line to make it easy for the new pipe to be installed. The new line is then pulled through the opening and each end is connected to the appropriate system.

Why Choose Directional Drilling?

Direction drilling allows for trenchless pipe installation, which is the preferred method of sewer and pipework for the customer and the USA Pipe Repair team. Not only does Virginia directional drilling, save you time, but it also helps avoid damage to your home or commercial building, landscaping, and flooring or parking lot.

The technique also makes way for one of the most reliable trenchless options when establishing a new line. Whether you’re erecting a new construction building or adding onto an old one, directional drilling can help you complete the plumbing work. Unlike traditional digging, directional drilling will offer significant cost savings. Less labor and time are required with the project, helping you stay within or under budget.

Finally, directional drilling is kinder to the environment. The trenchless method allows the plumbing experts at USA Pipe Repair to leave your property nearly undisturbed. With only one or two access holes, the drill can complete significant work and keep the ground intact.

USA Pipe Repair is Virginia's Trusted Directional Drilling Company

Directional drilling has been used since the early 1920s. Since that time, technology has greatly advanced and the USA Pipe Repair team is ready to put the most modern methods of trenchless pipe installation and repair to work for you and your property in Ashland, VA, or Charlottesville, VA. Contact our team of professional plumbers to schedule your directional drilling project or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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