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Horizontal Boring in Richmond, VA, and Surrounding Area

Directional boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), is a trenchless method for installing underground piping, cables, or conduit. This process is utilized to minimize impact to the surface of the landscaping while installing the piping underneath. Our professional pipe lining company understands the stress that occurs when plumbing issues arise. Trenchless technologies are a way to make the process of updating your interior piping structure without being a hassle and taking a long time to get your landscaping looking like it did previous to our services. It used to be that plumbing services involved trenching your property and taking weeks to fix the problem, but now with trenchless technology, the property is not disturbed, it takes much less time, and overall it is cost-effective. Horizontal boring is a method that trenchless technology uses to help install underground work.

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The Horizontal Boring Process

When we perform horizontal boring in Richmond, VA, and nearby areas, we do so in three different phases. The first is to establish a “pilot hole”. The equipment used is called a horizontal boring machine. A boring head connected to a hollow pipe enters the ground at an angle after placement. The bore head will drill a pilot hole. This process continues until the pilot hole is completed.


The second phase of this process is to enlarge the pilot hole so that a new line can be placed into the ground. The third and final phase of this process is to establish the new line. Once the first two phases are completed, a new line is pulled through the hole previously created, and the ends of the lines are connected.

Benefits of Horizontal Boring for Your Richmond Property

At USA Pipe Repair, our number one priority is to ensure high-quality work at no extra time or cost to our customers. Directional boring is one of the best ways to do that. Prior to the creation of trenchless technology, the installation of underground piping came with the excavation of the landscaping, which became costly and time-consuming. Trenchless methods do not damage the landscape. No trenches are not the only benefit. Drilling instead of digging saves a lot of time. Without needing to dig trenches, it cuts down immensely on time needed to complete a project. A large portion of the cost utilizing trenchless methods is saved due to the minimal disruption of the surface landscaping.

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