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Innovative and Efficient Lateral Lining Services in Richmond, VA

USA Pipe Repair offers quality, reliable lateral lining in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas. With minimal invasion of your property, our experienced technicians can create a new line. Our trenchless pipe repair for residential, commercial, municipal, or industrial properties can be performed by a licensed plumber in Richmond, VA at USA Pipe Repair.

We often find that home and business owners are unaware of the condition of their lateral or that it is their responsibility to care for the pipe. The lateral is the pipe that runs from your home or business to the sidewalk or street near your property. With the advanced methodology and tools used by our highly skilled technicians, the USA Pipe Repair team can complete lateral lining services without any excavation. By working from the inside out, our team can reline your lateral through one or two small entry points.

Our professional pipe lining company is committed to providing superior service to our clients.

Prepping Your Pipes for Repair

Skip the expensive excavation that not only takes days to complete but also leaves you with a hefty landscaping or parking lot repair bill. Our team can complete the lining process in a matter of hours, typically by accessing the sewer cleanout. Before the lining process begins, our technicians will perform a sewer camera inspection so that we fully understand the condition of your lateral and can use the video as a way to ensure the project is completed as needed.

A high-definition camera is attached to a malleable cable and inserted into the access point. The technicians will guide the camera through the lateral, observing any buildup, cracks, or invasive tree roots. The real-time video allows our technician to locate damage and to use the images as a before the reference to the lateral lining project.

Once the sewer camera inspection is complete, the pipe jetting process begins to clear out the debris. In order to keep the same pipe diameter, the technician will perform pipe jetting to clean away buildup, blockages, and invasive tree roots. The highly pressurized water is distributed through a rotating head at nearly 4000 PSI. The powerful water streams hit every inch of the pipe, cleaning the inner surface and prepping it for the lining process.

Professional Lateral Lining Solutions

Lateral lining work can begin once the pipe jetting is complete. A liner is coated in an epoxy resin, and through the access point, advanced trenchless machinery is used to insert the liner into the lateral. The liner is pushed through the lateral to encompass the affected portion of the pipe. Once the epoxy-coated liner is in position, air or water is used to inflate the liner, pushing the epoxy resin into the inner walls of the lateral. Heat is applied to quickly dry and set the epoxy and the liner is removed.

Once the liner is pulled from the lateral, a USA Pipe Repair technician will perform a second sewer camera inspection to ensure the process worked as intended. The video can be used to produce images for a before-and-after comparison of the lateral lining work.

When Is Lateral Lining Needed?

Lateral lining in Virginia is beneficial for home and business owners, as well as municipal and industrial enterprises. The trenchless lateral lining is typically needed if you experience recurring drain issues, including pooling water, unpleasant odors, or slow drains.

Sewer rehabilitation with lateral lining is a way to breathe new life into an aging system. The trenchless solution is essentially placing a new pipe inside the old pipe system. When budget and convenience are top of mind with any plumbing or sewer repair services, the lateral lining is an ideal solution.

USA Pipe Repair Offers Lateral Lining Services

The lateral lining will save you money, give you peace of mind, save your landscaping, and reduce your stress. USA Pipe Repair caters to multiple locations all across Virginia. If you’re ready to discover how lateral lining can benefit your plumbing system, contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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