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Expert Manhole Rehabilitation Services in Richmond, VA

Many municipalities throughout the Central Virginia region are depending on outdated piping to serve their communities. However, municipal sewer repair and manhole rehabilitation services in Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas do not have to be complicated. Local governments turn to USA Pipe Repair because of the reliable methods of manhole rehabilitation used by our professional technicians. Considering how many residents and businesses depend on the plumbing and sewer systems of their local municipality, government leaders who opt for routine manhole rehabilitation, drain cleaning and other maintenance tasks can stay ahead of the emergency repair curb. Our professional pipe lining company is committed to providing superior service to our clients.


USA Pipe Repair uses a number of trenchless manhole rehabilitation products to help rehabilitate existing manholes or even coat new manholes prior to installation. Our highly skilled technicians use the same techniques to rehab wet wells, catch basins, and underground vaults as well. By using polymer and spin casting methods of rehabilitation, the USA Pipe Repair's team of reliable plumber in Richmond, VA can complete the job efficiently and effectively.

Each USA Pipe Repair technician that plays a role in a manhole rehabilitation project has undergone confined space training certification and we have the appropriate equipment allowing us to safely inspect and rehab existing underground structures.

Based on your desired thickness, we can hand trowel products or spray on new coatings to complete the rehabilitation process.

Manhole Rehabilitation Services Virginia

Our manhole rehabilitation is often needed due to aging pipes. As the underground sewer system ages, corrosion forms, weakening the sewer lines and manholes. Small cracks may go unnoticed for months, but over time, those small issues can create major problems for a municipal sewer system. Our epoxy coatings can be used in the manhole and chimney areas of existing structures.

Traditional manhole rehabilitation can take weeks of digging and complex work, but the USA Pipe Repair team simplifies the project with trenchless manhole rehabilitation. Through the use of polymer and spin casting methods, our professional technicians can complete the repair job in a fraction of the time as traditional methods.

Manhole Rehabilitation Spin Casting

Manhole Rehabilitation Spin Casting

The spin casting method used by our certified technicians essentially creates a plastic pipe within the existing manhole, keeping the pipe’s original design parameters intact. The polymer-modified coatings used by our team during the spin casting shouldn’t be reserved as only a repair option. The process can be used preventatively as fortification for new pipe installations.

The coasting is extremely flexible, so even as joints shift or sewer systems experience change, the lining will not crack. Our non-invasive manhole rehabilitation pipe lining system will save time and money compared to traditional services.

The polymer manhole rehabilitation material does not require a smooth surface, so the polymer coatings will stick well to the manhole piping. The coating can also get into the small nooks and crannies of the pipe, helping avoid pinholes in the future.

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Our highly qualified plumbers understand that repairing municipal sewer lines and completing Virginia manhole rehabilitation is more complicated than residential projects. The work often disrupts water service to nearby buildings, closes streets, and may require work on private property. The best way to handle your manhole rehabilitation project is to call the USA Pipe Repair team. Contact us today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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