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Residential Lateral Pipe Lining in Richmond, VA, and Surrounding Areas

Is your home plumbing having regular back-ups? Do you feel like you are constantly calling a plumber? Do you have a lawn, shrubs, trees, or driveway that you want to keep in place? Residential pipelining is your solution.

Many homeowners are faced with a deteriorating, cracked, or broken drain line. Digging and replacing a drain line can be costly, irritating, and destructive to the landscape of a home. Fortunately, there is another option. With trenchless residential lining from USA Pipe Repair, a new drain line can be installed with only a couple of small access points. Our certified installation technicians can be in and out with a very minimal repair time, typically within a day.

Our professional pipe lining company is committed to providing superior service to our clients. We proudly offer efficient and reliable services to the following locations and their surrounding areas:

Key Benefits of Residential Lateral Pipe Lining:

  • Lower cost than traditional methods
  • Faster repair time
  • Less inconvenient to the homeowner
  • Pipe life to est. minimum of 50 years
  • Seamless - No joints to leak
  • Smooth surface improves flow capacity
  • No damage to interior walls
  • No damage to landscaping or foundation.
  • Eliminates root intrusion
  • Stops leaks from infiltration/exfiltration
  • Bridges missing sections of pipe
  • Re-lines virtually any pipe material
  • Repairs 2″-12″ diameter pipe
  • Lateral Lining System – Installation Process
  • The damaged pipe is cleaned and inspected.
  • A measurement is then taken so the pipe-liner material can be cut to length.
  • The 100% epoxy resin is then mixed and poured into the liner material impregnating it.
  • The pipe-liner is then loaded into the launching unit.
  • Then the pipe-liner is inserted into the pipe through an inversion process that utilizes air pressure.
  • This literally turns the pipe-liner material inside out which allows the resin to bond with the host pipe.
  • The resin cures within 3 hours.
  • The pipe is put back into service for up to 50 years.
  • Most common pipe lining applications for residential use: homes, mobile homes, apartments, condos, swimming pools

Residential Lateral Lining

If you feel like you’re constantly calling a plumber in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas due to frequent sewer back-ups, issues with your drains, clogs, or other problems, call USA Pipe Repair instead.

We understand that pipes face issues like deteriorating, cracking, or breakage. We don’t use the excavation process, which entails digging up a trench, ruining landscaping, or tearing up a sidewalk or roadway. We offer a solution that is much cheaper, much faster, and much more effective than the traditional “dig and repair” method.

Long-Lasting Pipe Lining Solutions

Here at USA Pipe Repair, we offer lateral lining to multiple locations in Virginia, including Ashland, VA, and Charlottesville, VA. All we need is a few planned, small access points on your home’s lawn or property, and we can be in and out of your way within a day or two. We understand that plumbing functionality is a top concern for most homeowners or renters, which is why we prioritize timing.

Our repair method promises a pipe life expectancy of a minimum of fifty years. Because we have a faster repair time, it’s less disruptive to you and has a lower cost than traditional methods. Our repair method is seamless, which means there are no joint leaks, and provides a smooth surface which improves flow capacity. Because we rely on trenchless methods, we don’t leave you with repair costs to landscaping, foundation, or interior walls. We eliminate the concern of root intrusion and stop leaks from infiltration/exfiltration. We can reline almost any pipe material and can repair 2”-12” diameter pipes.

Contact our professional plumber in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas today or fill out our online form to schedule your residential lateral pipe lining appointment.

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