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Roof Drain Lining in Richmond, VA, and Surrounding Areas

Storm drain pipes generally either blend in with the trim of a building or are built inside the façade. Richmond, Virginia building owners generally do not think of storm drain pipes when they perform yearly structural maintenance; however, while storm drain pipes are concealed from view, they play a very important part in protecting the building. Luckily, USA Pipe Repair offers roof drain lining in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas to keep your storm drain pipes in good working order.

The storm drains perform the function of pulling the water off rooftops and away from the building. The water runoff is either directed off to portions of the landscape or piped underground via a lateral pipe directly into the building’s underground sewer line.

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Storm Drain Issues

Trouble can occur when outdoor debris is pulled off the rooftop with the water. Often tree leaves and pine needles can mix with bird nesting materials or shingle particles to form a semi or complete blockage in the drain pipe. When the water isn’t allowed to flow downward, it begins to look for small cracks in the pipe or it backs up onto the rooftop where it searches for tiny gaps in the roofing materials. From any of these avenues, water can seep and drip into the wooden framing, the insulation, and the drywall. This seeping can allow dangerous mold to grow. The seeping can occur for months on end before the building owner notices any pooling of water on the inside of the structure. By the time symptoms are noticed, the building owner could be looking at an enormous repair bill.

Storm Drain Maintenance & Inspections

USA Pipe Repair strongly advises storm drain pipe maintenance & inspections in order to save building owners from the possibility of these types of costly repairs. A drain pipe maintenance & inspection can be performed quickly and at a low cost. Once storm drain conditions are determined, we can recommend a schedule for future inspections or services.

A storm drain inspection begins by examining the state of each storm pipe with a robotic camera. The camera is attached to an optic cable. The cable allows our technician to feed the camera through the pipeline while it returns video feedback.

Top-Notch Hydro Jetting

If a blockage or a crack is located during the inspection, we will use a process called hydro jetting to clean the inside of the pipeline and remove any snags or blockages. Hydro jetting employs highly pressurized water to scrub clean the inside of the storm drain pipe. Blockage problems are solved and the interior pipeline wall is cleaned, as is necessary, prior to repairing a crack.

Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining

Any cracks located during the storm drain camera inspection are repaired using the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining. CIPP lining creates an entirely new, durable interior pipe wall in just a few hours. This method is especially helpful when storm drains are embedded within facades as no destruction of the front of the building is required. The work is performed from within the pipeline. A felt tube, coated with an epoxy resin, is inserted into the storm drain and inflated. The resin is pressed against the interior pipeline wall until it dries and cures. The liner is then deflated and removed and the process is complete. A new, crack-free interior pipeline wall remains.

USA Pipe repair has a courteous and experienced team ready to help businesses and residents in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas with any of their storm drain concerns. Contact our professional plumber in Richmond, VA, and surrounding areas, or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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