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Tree roots in pipe

Repairing sewer lines can pose challenges on several levels. For starters, it isn’t easy to get access to the pipes. Traditional repairs require several days of work excavating your lawn, repairing the damaged pipe, then putting everything back in its place. This is why most homeowners opt for trenchless solutions. USA Pipe Repair, the local expert in trenchless pipe lining in Richmond, VA, discusses some sewer issues that require trenchless solutions.

1. Old Sewer Line

CIPP pipe lining, a method of trenchless repair, is perfect for dealing with old and damaged sewer lines. While these would usually need to be replaced, CIPP lining can reinforce the pipe, restore any damage, and leave you with a like-new pipe surface free from any cracks or leaks. Rather than wait for days for traditional replacement to finish, our trenchless solution can resolve your sewer issues within hours.

2. Tree Root Damage

Tree roots are one of the top causes of sewer line issues. With sewer pipe lining, we not only seal the cracks caused by invasive tree roots, but also protect it from future damage. The epoxy we use in this method of repair is extremely durable and can help keep tree roots away from your pipes. This will help prevent other problems like leaks and sewer backups later on. We do recommend relocating any mature trees near your sewer line, however, to avoid further damage.

3. Fragile Landscape

Most pipe lining companies like ours recommend trenchless solutions for properties with fragile landscaping or a lot of valuable outdoor structures. Since we don’t have to excavate your lawn to get to the damaged pipe, your landscaping and other structures are preserved. In fact, we only need two small holes that serve as entry and exit points to complete the repair.

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