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Sewer Lining Arlington VA

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USA Pipe Repair was called by one of our plumbing contractors in the Arlington / D.C. area becouse of a home having multiple back ups year. Once on site USA Pipe Repair found that the system had been mutilated by poor plumbing and roots at every joint. We had to rederict all downsatirs plumbing to the back of the home instead of the middle becouse the pipe was a five inch clay line and someone had downsized the line ten feet from the street to a four inch pvc line. This is highly illegal and is known by every plumber as a big no no. We were able to line the four inch cast in the house out to the four inch pvc and have the system back to code. This is why we re routed the down stairs plumbing to the back of the home where it could tie into the four inch cast iron lined material. This was a very difficult job which took a little extra time due to poor desions by previous contractors but we now have the system working flawlessly.

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