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USA Pipe Repair was called out to inspect a sewer line in a home that was abandoned for forty years and was just renovated. The new owner wanted to check the sewer before taking owner ship. He was very happy he did because the main pipe was collapsed in the basement and separated in the front yard. It also had another small area that was about to collapse. We worked with the contractor and new home buyer to come up with a solution that meet budget and needs. The collapsed area was cut out of the basement floor and replaced. a liner was shot out to the city connection and cured in place. This saved a lot of digging due to the fact that the pipe was fifteen feet deep at the street. We then decided to replace the pee traps and floor drains. The pipes for these were under the foundation and the hvac system so we put liners in those also. After all work was completed and concrete was repaired the contractor pored an epoxy over the floor and put metal flakes in it. It is no pictures with no shin that the floor was ever touched and all pipes have been replaced or lined.

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