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USA Pipe Repair was called out to look at a sewer line which had been cable by another company and then recommended for replacement. The line ran through an extremely wooded backyard and went underneath of a shed. Traditional excavation on this project would have led to a tremendous amount of back and cost. The connection to the city was behind the shed and only about 7 feet deep. This being said we decided to burst the line from the house to the city connection. It made for a very easy 1 day turn around. The old pipe was pushed out to the side as the new pipe was pulled in and then reconnected at both ends with furnco connections. by using pipe bursting technology not a single tree was damaged and they have a seamless pipe from end to end.the only connections are the two ferncos at the ends. Along with the joints that were butt fused together, but these joints are melted and the two pipes have become one. After covering everything up, we seating and straw the area there is no visible evidence of the work that took place.

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