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Sewer Replacement for Home in Richmond Virginia

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USA Pipe Repair was called because a shower was not draining properly. When we arrived we were thinking that we would just need to snake out a shower and get the customer back to there normal routine, which would have been nice because we wer ecalled out about 9 pm. The customer had pulled the toilet before we arrived because he had tried snaking the lines himself with very little success. We inspected the line in the house but could not see anything due to the amount of blockage in the sewer lines. We decided to go outside to the site tee and inspected from there. We got the camera about four feet into the line and found the line to be completely blocked by roots. The next day we dug and replaced the line with pressure pvc and packed the line in with two tons of gravel. We also had this done within 24 hours of the initial call and had the job completed before the customer was off work so there routine was only disturbed for one night and morning.

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