Shopping For a New Home? Here’s Your Essential Plumbing Inspection Checklist

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Before you sign on the dotted line, a thorough plumbing inspection should be a non-negotiable part of your home-buying process. Skipping this crucial step could lead to unforeseen and costly repairs down the road. As the trusted local plumber in Richmond, VA, USA Pipe Repair provides a comprehensive inspection checklist to ensure that you are fully informed about the condition of your potential new home’s plumbing system.

Checking for Leaks

Begin with a visual examination of all exposed pipes, under sinks, and around appliances like the refrigerator and washing machine. Dampness, mold, or any water stain are telltale signs of leakage. Be especially vigilant in areas that are typically more susceptible to this problem, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Assessing the Water Pressure

Inconsistencies in water pressure can indicate problems from minor blockages to significant systemic issues that require expert plumbing repairs. Test the water pressure in all faucets and showers. An issue in one area could be localized. However, if multiple fixtures have low or fluctuating pressure, it may point to more extensive problems.

Inspecting Pipes, Drains, and Sewer Lines

For this, it’s often best to hire professional plumbing services. They can use specialized cameras to inspect the pipes and drains for clogs, cracks, or other damage that may not be visible from the surface. This is especially important for older homes, as their plumbing systems may have degraded over time.

Testing Water Heater Functionality

A working water heater is essential for a comfortable and functional home. After all, a lack of hot water can be considered an emergency plumbing situation. Turn on all hot water faucets and check for any strange noises, rust-colored water, inconsistent temperature, or leaks from the water heater itself. These could be signs of an aging or malfunctioning appliance that may need replacement soon.

Ensuring your new home’s plumbing is in top shape isn’t just about convenience – it’s also a make-or-break factor for your investment. USA Pipe Repair is a local plumbing company with years of experience in providing top-quality solutions, and we can help you with all your plumbing inspection needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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