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As a homeowner, your water line is absolutely essential. Although your water line is meant to last for many years, there may be times when there is a problem that will require a plumber in Richmond, VA from USA Pipe Repair to come and inspect or repair it. It’s important to be able to spot the signs that your water main needs repairs.

Discolored Water

One of the key signs that your water main needs repairs is that the water is discolored. It may appear reddish or brownish when you first run the faucet. Older homes typically have this problem. Plumbing services in Richmond, VA can fix it so your water can run clear once again.

Low Water Pressure

A water main that has problems may leak. As a result, you may notice low water pressure on a consistent basis. In addition to being an annoyance when you take a shower, low water pressure can affect your fixtures and appliances as well. This is a sign you need plumbing repairs in Richmond, VA to fix your water main.

Soggy Spots on Your Lawn

Another sign that you need emergency plumbing in Richmond, VA to repair your water main is that you have soggy spots on your lawn. Specifically, if you have not watered your lawn recently or it hasn’t rained, you should take it as a sign that your water main is having issues.

Increasing Water Bills

Your water bills should stay about the same amount each month. However, if you suddenly notice that your bills have suddenly increased dramatically, it signifies that you may have a problem with your water main that requires repairs.

If you live in Virginia and have noticed any of these problems occurring with your water main, you can certainly benefit from contacting a plumbing company in Richmond, VA. Contact USA Pipe Repair at your earliest convenience.

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