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A small faucet leak could be wasting several gallons of water in your home. That is why it’s necessary to have functional faucets that will make sure the water flows only when you need it. Most faucets last for close to ten years, depending on several factors. However, they might become faulty or damaged over time. Here are signs you need plumbing repairs for any of your faucets.

Inconsistent Water Pressure

Unusually low or high water pressure can be frustrating. While there are many causes of water pressure-related problems, like water leaks and clogged pipes, a faulty faucet could also be a factor. An improperly installed faucet could cause high or low water pressure. You may need a professional plumbing company to detect and fix the faucet issues and restore your water pressure to normal levels.

A Squeaky Handle

The faucet stem in your bathroom is probably worn out if the handle on the bathroom sink produces a squeaking sound. You’re going to need a plumbing services provider to inspect the faucet for repairs. Usually, you will experience a squeaky handle if your faucets are too old that wear out the threads at the stem.

Dripping or Damage

While a leaking faucet is not exactly an emergency plumbing situation, you cannot afford to ignore this sign because it can be costly to repair, and it wastes gallons of water. Usually, high water pressure can cause leaking or dripping of your faucets.


Mineral deposits or rust on a fixture can indicate the need for faucet repair. Mineral accumulation and rust can cause severe plumbing problems later if not fixed. It’s advisable to call a plumber in Henrico, VA, from our team as soon as you notice rust and mineral buildup.

Signs such as rust and abnormal water pressure are clear indications of faulty faucets. It’s necessary to contact a qualified plumber for faucet repairs as soon as you notice the above signs. Contact us today for any plumbing solution that you may need.

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