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Some sewer line repairs don’t involve the entire length of the pipe run because the damage is only in a small section of the pipe. That’s where sectional point repair becomes an option. The trusted plumber in Richmond, VA,USA Pipe Repair, discusses the basics of a sectional point repair here.

Sectional Point Repair Basics

When your home’s sewer line sustains damage, a popular option for repair is pipe lining. This involves pulling a liner into the pipe and curing it in place. It reinforces the pipe walls, prevents root infiltration, and can extend the life of the line for several years. It’s an effective alternative to full sewer line replacement in Richmond, VA.

Sometimes, the damage is confined to a small area of the pipe. A sectional point sewer line repair in Richmond, VA can solve this problem. It involves the same technology as a full-pipe lining, but is only used to reinforce the damaged area of the pipe.

Instead of using a lining along the entire length of sewer pipe, the sectional point repair involves a smaller lining sized to the damaged area of the pipe. Once the patch is in place, it’s cured and hardened. A sectional point repair costs less than a full sewer pipe line repair in Richmond VA and works just as well to deal with minor issues.

What Are the Results?

The final result is a fiberglass, epoxy resin lining that keeps the damaged area stable. The rest of the pipe remains the same and the waste can flow freely without any problems. When done properly, a sectional point repair can keep your pipe working well for years. Over time, however, you would need to replace sewer line in Richmond VA to enjoy the full functionality of your piping system.

If you have any problems with your piping system, contact USA Pipe Repair today. We offer reliable sewer repair services in Richmond VA,and the surrounding areas.

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