The Dangers of Improper Liner Installation

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Perhaps the only thing worse than a plumbing or sewer problem is hiring a sewer repair company that doesn’t complete the job properly. If you’ve recently purchased or home or had sewer live replacement work completed and continue to deal with recurring issues, it’s time to have USA Pipe Repair technicians inspect.

An improper liner installation can lead to a multitude of problems. You may not know the warning signs of a bad install, so it’s important to have preventative maintenance performed on your home’s plumbing and sewer system. A yearly inspection can make you aware of what’s happening on the inside of your pipes, including a bad liner install.

Effects of Improperly Placed Sewer Line

When a sewer line is installed on a property, the installation company has a specific set of guidelines to follow to ensure the job is done properly. Severe problems could arise if the installation guidelines aren’t followed. A poor liner installation could cause a sewage backup or pooling on your Virginia property. Inside your home, you’ll deal with constant pipe clogs.

Fix Improper Liner Installation

Before the improperly installed sewer line can be repaired, the USA Pipe Repair technicians must understand the severity of the challenge. The pipe depends on gravity to carry waste from your property to the sewer line. If the pipe is installed level with the ground or even pitched back toward your home, an immediate repair is needed.

In some instances, digging along the sewer line can reposition the pipe with enough tilt that sewage flows freely from your property to the sewer main. However, there are some cases where the sewer liner needs to be replaced completely. There are multiple joints between your property and the city sidewalk or road. Each piece must line up properly for the liner to work and digging alone may not fix the problem.

The Experienced Plumbers at USA Pipe Repair Can Help

If your home or commercial property continuously experiences pooling sewage or backed up drains, an improperly installed liner may be the issue. Our skilled technicians can correct the position of the pipe and handle any other plumbing or sewer issues you may face. Contact our courteous staff today to schedule your appointment.

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