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Trenchless Sewer Repair Richmond VA

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USA Pipe Repair took a six inch sewer line which trasitened from four inch two feet outside of the basement under the concret porch and relined out to thed city conection. The line had roots at most every joint and the ones that did not were developing very intense of set joints. Some of these joints were off by as much as an 1.5 inches. Once we used our hydro jeter to clean the line we messered out the reapir and blow the liner though a piece of pvc into the concrete line. We then used this pvc to tie the rest of the house to the freasly relined sewer pipe without using ferncos due to the fact that all the indor plumbing had already been converted to pvc by another contractor. We the replaced the concrete and left an untuched look to the property without diging upo the porch sidewalk or the street.

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