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Quality Trenchless Relining

USA Pipe Repair is here to reassure you that even the worst symptoms you are experiencing can be resolved quickly and cost effectively. Trenchless technology is the state-of-the-art method of fixing drain problems rapidly, from the inside of the pipeline. Finding the clog and restoring the water flow is only half the process. The materials that have bonded with the pipe’s interior wall and allowed the snag to develop must also be removed. Otherwise, you will be experiencing the same symptoms again in a relatively short time period.

Trenchless Camera Inspections

We begin with a camera inspection. A waterproof camera is inserted into the pipeline and the video feedback allows us to diagnose the conditions within the pipe, and identify the location of any blockage.

Hydro Jetting for Clogs and Build-Up

Once the inspection is completed, a hydro jetting is performed. We use highly pressurized water to burst away any blockages and to scour smooth the interior pipe wall. The smoothed pipeline wall will discourage future snags from forming, increase water flow, and provide a clean surface should a crack need repairing.

Pipe Lining to Prevent Future Clogs

When a crack does need repairing, we use the trenchless method of cured in place pipe (CIPP) lining. This process involves using an inflatable sleeve that is coated with epoxy resin. The sleeve is inserted into the cleaned pipeline and inflated. The resin is pressed against the interior pipe wall as it bonds and cures. In approximately an hour, when the curing is complete, the sleeve is deflated and removed. All cracks are repaired and a new durable interior pipe wall remains.

The completion of each trenchless pipe process is measured in hours or days. USA Pipe Repair is sensitive to the need of homeowners to return to a normal household routine as quickly as possible. Our trenchless methods are also very cost effective. Because all the work is performed from within the pipe, cost and time expensive large machinery is not required for digging up the pipeline, nor are the large work crews that come with digging machinery needed. We keep our crews to a minimum, while minding that time and cost are equally important.

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