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Leaking pipe

Hidden leaks in your home can lead to severe and costly plumbing problems. Fortunately, if you’re keen enough, you’ll notice certain indications that something is amiss, and you can remedy the situation before more damage is done. USA Pipe Repair, one of the top pipe lining companies in Richmond, VA, recommends calling us for repairs when you notice the following signs:

Low Water Pressure

There are many reasons why you might notice a decrease in water pressure. Sometimes, it might be an issue with your supplier; other times, you might be simultaneously using it somewhere else. So before calling the plumber, ensure that water isn’t running elsewhere in your household.

Again, confirm with your neighbors to see if they’re experiencing a similar problem. If not, you might be dealing with clogged pipes or hidden leaks. The plumber will clean your drains to get rid of clogs and inspect your pipes using a leak detector to determine the cause of low pressure.

Depending on the size of the leak and the integrity of your pipes, they might recommend CIPP pipe lining, a great way of repairing existing pipes without causing significant damage to your property.

Increased Water Bills

When the number of people living in your household increases, you expect to see fluctuations in water usage. In some cases, you might notice an increase in water bills after installing a washing machine or a dishwasher in your home. However, if the variations in water consumption are unexplainable, you might be having a hidden leak. Therefore, reach out to a plumber to have your pipes inspected.

In some cases, replacing the entire pipe might be the only way to deal with the leak. Your plumber might recommend trenchless pipe lining in Richmond, VA, which, compared to traditional pipe replacement, is less expensive and requires less time.

Are you worried about property damage during pipe repair? You’ll have less damage with sewer pipe lining and save money and time while enjoying long-lasting results.

To learn more about cast iron pipe lining or the other plumbing services that we offer, contact USA Pipe Repair today to schedule an appointment.

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