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Water Line Pipie Bursting in Bandermill, Midlothian VA

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USA Pipe Repair was called out by one of our plumbing contractors to replace three waterlines. We were asked to use trenchless technology to replace the lines due very expensive landscapes and driveways over the water lines. We cut the exsiting lines at the meter and at the foundation of the homes in the crawl space. we inserte a braded steel cable to the water line and pull a spliter though the exsiting water line while pulling in a new one inch black polly line. We then intall new fitings on the line and pressure test and blow out the lines incase of any dirt or debries in the line. We then conect to the home and your left with a brandnew waterline without diging up the entire yard. The only digging is a two by two hole at the water meter.

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