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Damaged sewer piping can cause a multitude of problems for home and business owners alike, and that’s where the expert team at USA Pipe Repair comes in. We have a wealth of experience diagnosing sewer line problems and providing sewer repair services in Glen Allen, VA

Let a top plumber in Glen Allen, VA, from our team help you familiarize yourself with the most common causes of cracked pipes.

Tree Root Invasion

Tiny tree roots in search of water and nutrients will penetrate small openings in piping and then expand these openings as they grow. This can lead to extensive damage and subsequent sewer pipe line repair in Glen Allen, VA.

Excessive Traffic Loads

One common reason to repair or replace sewer line in Glen Allen, VA, is to remedy damage from equipment or other loads placed on the soil above the pipeline. Soil overburden is generally able to dissipate small loads, but heavy, long-term loads may result in significant cracking or even pipe collapse, necessitating extensive repairs.

Soil Settling

Inadequate soil compaction at the time of pipe installation can translate to differential settling over the life of the pipe. This may necessitate sewer line replacement in Glen Allen, VA, due to cracking or loss of flow gradient over time.

Freezing Weather

If a pipeline is located too close to the surface, the water inside may freeze in winter and damage the pipe as it expands. Sewer line repair in Glen Allen, VA, may also be in order if a pipeline becomes cracked due to soil heaving in cold weather. Fortunately, USA Pipe Repair offers an array of plumbing services to address such issues.

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